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Why Successful Men Cheat
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Does Every Man Really Want This?

This question and more are deeply  explored by the openly pluralistic Dominic Valentine.


Do you have the guts to tell her that you are not monogamous?

Finally there is a book that speaks honestly about man’s infidelities without blaming him, his wife or the other woman. This book doesn’t pull any punches as to why men have extramarital relationships and why women stay with or leave them. Still, it manages to offer hope and insight for all parties involved.


Wife Mistress Slave is the definitive source for proper etiquette, protocol and practical advice for all parties involved in a marriage with extramarital relationships. If you are married, thinking about marriage or involved with a married man, you must read this book.


Dominic Valentine is a man who is unafraid to be extremely frank with men, women and with himself. His candor about his own pluralistic lifestyle is all that you will need in order to catch a realistic glimpse into your own marriage or extramarital relationships.                                                                                         

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